Monday, February 19, 2007

It was a horrid wet day down at the allotment on Friday so this is as close to the 'usual' view as you're going to get!:)
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Glorious Garlic

The garlic I planted in the Autumn seems to be flourishing under the chicken wire! Did you know that garlic is the only herb to effectively deter aphids and vampires?

Greenhouse Update

The greenhouse is still suffering from the effects of the January gales. In the foreground are the remnants of this year's Autumn fruiting raspberries, and in the background you can see some of the Jerusalem Artichoke haulm. Both need cutting down in the not too distant future. The next job though is too wash the glass from the Moss (see below) before fitting it as it is filthy!

Sprouting Salsify

The salsify I didn't bother harvesting because it was too small and forked has started sprouting. I read somewhere that if you leave them for a second season they grow to resemble enormous parsnips! Can I be bothered though? Some writers recommend covering the shoots to blanch them and use in salads. Others pooh pooh the idea. Decisions, decisions. Actually I am pretty sure I will just dig them up and plant something else.
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Thursday, February 08, 2007


It may not look like it but this is actually an improvement! I have at last cleared the old timber and knocked away the faithful pumpkin bed in readiness for the two new beds I have had planned for I don't know how long.

This shows a bit more clearly the area in the foreground where the new beds will be, parallel to the first one built on the site of the old coping stone bed last year. The pumpkin bed that is going is one that was 'bastard trenched' the Autumn before I discovered blogging. I am slightly sorry to see it go as it has produced loads of pumpkins and squashes over the years, but the new layout will be more flexible and make better use of the space.

Glasshouses and Greenhouse Gases

This is the greenhouse my glass has come from. The light is nowhere near as good as the day before when I saw it for the first time but I hope it gives you some idea what I was rambling on about. David who owns it told me that lettuce growing stopped because when a tray of good fat lettuces fetched 20p, the trays themselves cost 22p, with transportation extra. Tomatoes went the same way because the only chance of a good price was to get them ready early, with all the cost in fuel that entailed. The Spanish imports didn't need extra heat to ripen early and cheap transport in bulk made it impossible to compete. From veg David moved on to chrysanths and stocks. The greenhouses are to be demolished later in the year. Much of the Moss is now semi permanantly under water and impossible to farm. Global warming is well under way and glasshouses are disappearing all over the Moss. It doesn't make any kind of sense at all.

Frosty Beans

It has been frosty over the last couple of days and the broad beans are looking a little the worse for wear. I am expecting them to perk up when it gets warmer, though (possibly).

Jan Update (2)

I've been meaning to post this for a while as I took it on the 13th January. The clouds were beautiful but without the bird it would be too empty. Something that small makes a huge difference!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Glass Quest Triumph

*Stop press* I've found a source of second hand glass on the Moss!!! I got ten panes today & 12 will be waiting for me tomorrow. (Still to be removed from their previous abode in a huge decaying galleon of a commercial greenhouse!)It took me around six visits to various Mossy places this afternoon but at last I tracked some down.
The scene as I arrived late afternoon was breathtaking - a low sun in a cloud strewn sky illuminating the glass from behind. Inside the greenhouses a jungle with brambles heading the list of colonisers. A complete contrast to the immaculate rows of raspberry canes I had seen earlier. A row of trees was silhouetted on the horizon accross the Moss. The whole thing was radiant. (You can see why I usually just take a picture and be done with it!) Sadly I didn't have my camera with me so no pic but I intend to do something about this sorry state of affairs asap!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jan Update (1)

Greetings!!! I am tying a few loose ends up from last month over the next few posts! As you can see the tulips are sprouting unplanted despite my best intentions! It has been a windy old time recently and I have lost about 20 panes of glass from the greenhouse. There are many, many jobs I should be getting on with but I have resolved to concentrate on building the next two beds to increase my sowing/planting options when the time comes. More soon....
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