Friday, May 30, 2008

Bean Frame Update...

Phil helped me shift the bean frame this afternoon so I should be planting some out asap. They are rather pot bound I'm sorry to say but I will remove most of the lower rootball and hope for the best... I might sow some more in little pots just in case...
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I decided earlier this week that I would use this bed for the two new fruit bushes (Blackcurrant & Redcurrant). It already has the Goooseberry in I trained into (partial) standard from a self-sown seedling a couple of years ag. today I dug out the weeds ready for planting. tomorrow all being well & if I am
t still feeling the dizziness and nausea which scuppered my plans of staying in the shed tonigh in order to facilitate an early start tomorrow... "any excuse" I hear you mutter...

...and here it is ready for the new bushes.

Thr "seedling bed" with the Grlic and Parsley in it needed a good weed as ell...

At least i could manage that before I conked out!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Potting On...

Loads of things in the garden need potting on. It's a good thing the weather has been ok for a while as due to the greenhouse situation I haven't used the ones at the lottie at all this year - just the mini one in the garden when things first moved outside.
Have at least potted up some toms now. I saw Phil's down at the lottie in his magnificent greenhouse - about a foot tall and sturdy with it! Thses are now sheltering from the high winds in the mini greenhouse again.

I had a few visitors to the lottie on Sunday afternoon just to "check things out". Daz seems to be comparing this to the bathroom and thinking he's not so badly off after all! One day the bathroom will be finished but.....
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Update at Last!!!

I at last got some things planted out last week! I interplanted sweetcorn amnd courgettes as per Native American custom. The idea is that the Sweetcorn cast a dappled shade on the squash leaves which in turn shade the roots of the corn -neat ain't it!? (Sorry Russel Brand seems to have crept in there for a moment...)

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