Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sue did a lot more good work today (Wednesday 31st May), cutting the hedge & digging the horsetail out of the old compost & manure heaps whilst I planted the beans and potted up a few more tomatoes. Posted by Picasa

Cora still seems to think going home is the best time of all - probably because we often take her for a walk on the beach on the way. Posted by Picasa

Here are the Runner Beans in their carpet holes... Posted by Picasa

...and here I am putting in the Climbing French Beans. Posted by Picasa

This bed now has 6 bags of manure in it ready for the Courgettes & Crown Prince. Posted by Picasa

I potted up a few more tomatoes today. The ones in the "Rooster" pots are Tigerella. Posted by Picasa

The girls went to Manchester today so I was on my own at the lottie this afternoon. My main job was to finish what was to be the new strawberry bed and get the old compost heap into it. I am going to use it for courgettes and other squashes as I think it is a bit wide to comfortably harvest strawberries from. I will use one of the new beds near where the coping stone bed was for strawbs, as they will be 4ft not 5ft beds. Posted by Picasa

Here it is again with the compost yet to be spread. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I potted up some more tomatoes today in builders' buckets. The four far ones are elsanta if I remember rightly. The nearest two I did the other day and I've no idea what they are! Posted by Picasa

I tied the bean strings together until required as they were getting a little tangled. Posted by Picasa

I started pruning the base of the self seeded goosebury I transplanted 2 (?) years ago and it has turned into a standard! Posted by Picasa

Is this a record?! When I dug the purple sprouting which has been leaning over the butterfly protection cage for months I was amazed to see it was taller than this unusual or have mine normally been stunted through caterpillary action? Posted by Picasa

Sue and I had a really good afternoon down at the allotment on Sunday. I concentrated mainly on preparing beds to plant into as the conditions were perfect for digging. This is the sweetcorn bed from last year. I am finding the groundcover is really making a difference to the condition of the beds and the weeds etc. Sue got up to all sorts of things as you will see below... Posted by Picasa

This is the bed which had the brassicas - including the purple sprouting - in it. Posted by Picasa

This bunch of chives is magnificent. However, when I get round to making the new beds I will have to dig it up. Posted by Picasa

The peas & beans I transplanted the other day seem to be surviving. Posted by Picasa

Sue was a little marvel she is weeding the asparagus... Posted by Picasa

...pulling up the spent corn salad... Posted by Picasa

...tying on the strings in readines for the runner & climbing french beans... Posted by Picasa

...pausing for a moment... Posted by Picasa

...and having a well earned rest Posted by Picasa

Cora decided it was time to go home! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here are three views for my reference from 20th May - One... Posted by Picasa

...two... Posted by Picasa

..and three. Posted by Picasa
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