Thursday, June 30, 2005

Path of Shame Update

I weeded this end of the path of shame last night around 10pm. Posted by Hello

Bean Update

The runners + french beans have grown a fair bit since I planted them out. I got some organic slug granules tody as they are showing some signs of damage. Posted by Hello


A general view showing climbing french bean 'Cherokee' that I planted out today. (Far too late really but I expect they'll recover). Posted by Hello

Les Courgettes sont Arrive!!!

It really feels like Summer when the first courgettes of the season begin to develop..... Posted by Hello

Tomato Update

...and in the greenhouse the tomatoes are looking encouraging. Posted by Hello

However I didn't get as much as I'd like done as it was pouring dow most of the time I was there..... Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

How's that for a comely beetrot draped accross me car like some floozy? (Ironic not sexist reference he clarified hastily....I'm sure you all spotted the invisible inverted commas around "floozy") Posted by Hello

The overwintered onions are drying off nicely in the greenhouse. Posted by Hello

As you can see in the foreground I have at last made a start on taming the weeds. I cut the grass yesterday as well and am beginning to feel like I may be able to et back on top of things inthe not too distant future. Posted by Hello

This view has definately changed since January. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

These are the first new potatoes from the ground this year - dug on Club Day as is traditional in these parts. They weighed jst over 5lb 8oz. Posted by Hello

This added up to 2lb 8oz of leaves for a chard roulade tomorrow. Posted by Hello

This is what we did with the last asparagus cut of the year. A fitting finale to a wonderful season. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael's Summer Collection 1

What better use for the beans than as part of a super salad? I drizzled this with a little balsamic vinegar - perfect! (I know this sounds just a touch pretentious. Maybe I should do the recipes in the style of a celebrity chef to guard against apparent complacency. Who's this......

"Take 11 medium broad beans, 7 lettuce leaves, 3oz of Feta cheese cut into 2 cm cubes, 8 olives - 5 black and 3 green - one third of a yellow capsicum cut up into 16 2 centimetre squares {don't worry if some of them are slightly irregular, you can give them to the film crew afterwards}, 5 cherry tomatoes {halved} and 3 fl oz balsamic vinegar {I always use the bestI can afford as the BBC pays for it}.
Line the base of the bowl very neatly with the lettuce leaves making sure not to give the impression that you are at all slovenly....."Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Broad Bean Heaven

At last all the work nurturing the broad beans for months has paid off! Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sue came down to check I didn't miss any Asparagus spears. We had them again with potato cakes, bacon and Parmesan at tea time. Superb! Posted by Hello

I had a go at making some more space for squashes today. I did get one bed planted out though. Posted by Hello

This is what it looked like before. Posted by Hello

The Broccoli is at the top f the cage already. Blast. (No caterpillars though) Posted by Hello

We enjoyed these. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Beans & Sweetcorn

This is what I've been doing yesterday and today. I tied the first lot of string to the beans but that caused problems in the wind and I had to redo them today. I cut the string a little longer for the second lot today and buried it under the plants. It seems a lot more secure that way. Posted by Hello

Artichokes & Berries etc

A pleasant view. (Sorry about the horrendous quality of this caption I just can't think of anything else to say.) Posted by Hello

Path of Shame Update

Hmmmm - I need a bit of a sweep at least. Posted by Hello

Onion Update

The overwintered onions are nearly ready for lifting. The Red Baron I put in this yeaqr are still tiny though. Posted by Hello

Green Pastures

Things are lookng a bit greener than they were. Posted by Hello
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