Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Nice to see the flags flying again...the greenery behind the bed to the left is comfrey which I use for making liquid feed in the dustbin you can just see behind the post.
The green compost bin in the centre of the picture is for forcing rhubarb in the sping.

The yellow plastic is supposed to be protecting decking for the new bed until I get round to constructing it but it has been there so long it is in holes - so the wood may be damp and warped as well. Must move this bed up my list of priorities - it too would be a good bed for brassicas as it has definately not been planted with any for several years.

today I cut the lawn - always a triumph!

Here you can see the courgette/Summer/Winter squash bed. The yellow patty pan squash plant in the centre (at each side) are succumbing to mildew and yellowing leaves more quickly than the courgettes. I will soon do what I did last year when this happened which is to remove the plants to make more room and extra ventilation for the remainder. It is easier to pick the yellow squash this way anyway as the growth is rather congested in comparison the the usual Romanesco courgettes.


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