Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tomato Seeds

Sorry no photo but I just wanted to record that the tomato seeds I sowed around a week or so ago have germinated. They were outside in the MGH for a couple of days before I read they needed I higher temp. and brought them into the bedroom. The average temp. has been 60 or so . I wonder if they'll be OK straight into the MGH again tomorrow?

I helped Tim with groundcover under flagstones today, and making a potato bed. He had some groundcover over dandelions which were completely stunted and blanched. They tasted like bean sprouts and have real possibilities!

Tim and I also unscrewed my GH from its base and booted it forward a few mm so the front lip hung over the edge and the door now fits!!! Just a few panes of glass and we'll be there.

Tim has lorryloads of mulch delivered free by a tree surgeon so that is more good news.

We're going to a wood merchants tomorrow morning which Tim claims is cheaper by far than B&Q.

I must start pricking out soon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The mini-greenhouse is filled with stuff just waiting to be pricked out and grown on in the allotment greenhouse (when it's ready, the door doesn't fit at the moment!). Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Seedlings Appearing

Just in case I forget what I've sown! Posted by Hello

Potatoes Chitting (progress)

The potatoes are really sprouting well. Kinda weird though. These are Desiree. Posted by Hello

Horse Manure with Fungi

Don't say the manure heap never grows anything! More info when I've looked these up. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Greenhouse Update

The greenhouse is nearly finished! It sails... Posted by Hello

Flight of Fancy

...almost like a galleon in the afternoon sunshine. Tim finished screwing it down this morning using Jack's generator, and Big Dave gave me a masterclass on how to glaze a greenhouse efficiently. Thanks again everyone.Posted by Hello

Working "Gennie"

Jack's "gennie" does its work - with a little help from Tim! Posted by Hello

First Earlies in Today

I planted first earlies for the first time in many a year today. My Uncle Peter suggested some years ago that I lay things out before putting them in and has since saved me hours of faffing about and frustration. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Greenhouse Sensation !!!

The big news is the Greenhouse is under way! This was so daunting it wasn't even on my list of things to do! I mentioned it to Tim yesterday and he whisked me away to B & Q for the timber for the base, brackets etc. We bolted the base together this morning and attached the frame. My drill wouldn't go through the flags (oh the shame) so Tim is going to borrow a bigger one. Ivan did a brilliant job cutting the awkward shapes for the apex, Tony gave excellent advice and encouragement, and Jack supplied some glass. Many thanks to everyone, especially to Tim for master-minding the whole operation. I would never have got it done by myself. Posted by Hello

Please Ring for Attention

I had to go to Cartmell's for 16 sheets of 24" X 24" glass at 50p each. They believe in large clear signage.Posted by Hello

Seeds in Rows

I've sown loads of seeds on the 22nd & 23rd. (ie Monday & Tuesday.) Wil list then here later. In the seedbed frame are a row of Lettuce, Leeks & Chard. Posted by Hello

Bloomin' Marvellous

The Broad Beans are covered in flowers. I thought they'd be a lot taller than this before they started flowering. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Free at Last !

The broad beans are free at last and protected with windbreak material. It has been quite cool & windy today despite what the BBC website said. Yesterday was the first really warm day of the year. Posted by Hello

Little Gem (Delight)

I sowed these today (Sunday). In quite a large tray (pic to follow). Covered in vermiculite & put in a propogator in the mini-greenhouse. Posted by Hello

Hedge-cutting Prowess

As ever Sue is the maestro of the hedge cutters. (Taken yesterday)Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Path of Shame Update (2)

The weeds are making a comeback after being blasted. I'll have another go and see how they like it! Posted by Hello

Garlic Update

All the little garlic plants are very happy. These are the ones which have been over-wintering. The garlic I planted the other day has all sprouted, and some of the Red Baron, but not all. I removed the fleece from over the garlic in the same bed as the onions as it was squashing it. Posted by Hello

Rhubarb Update

The Rhubarb is getting a bit bigger, and it seems that the crown in the frame is a little maore advanced than that outside. Shall I put a bucket over some to force it? Posted by Hello

Let Me Out !!!

I really must do something about this... Posted by Hello

Pleeeeeeeeeease !!!

...and this! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coping Stone Bed

On Sunday I cultivated the coping stone bed, as you can see in the foreground. I wonder whether to use breeze blocks to build it up and paint them black to retain heat? Much less trouble than bricks and just as good? Or not as nice? Hmmmm..... Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Next New Bed (further progress)

I've made a start on the next bed renovation. As you can see it will take a full six inches of timber to fill in the slope-induced gap at the front of the bed. I'm also thinking of building this one up a bit higher to counter the effects of shade from the hedge and for easy maintenance and picking if I make it into a Strawberry bed as is the plan. (Although I'm just starting to have doubts as to whether it might not be a bit big for strawberries - maybe it should be one of the small beds to the front on the right where the onions are at the moment.)
Posted by Hello

Another View

I hope I'll be able to do a bit more on it today (Sunday) but we've got a party for Grandad's birthday this afternoon so we'll see how it goes....maybe if I just pop down for an hour or so to see if there's any Purple Sprouting for tea.... Posted by Hello

Elderflower Cutting

I've cut down the Elderflower stems to try and let a little more light onto the new bed. Posted by Hello

Weed Wand Trial (2)

The weeds have been reappearing gradually from where I blasted them, so I'll wack them again and see how it goes. It has been a bit windy to use the flamethrower recently. Posted by Hello
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