Sunday, June 08, 2008

'Lawn' update...

On Saturday I cut the lawn. There comes a day when cutting the lawn becomes the most pressing task and Saturday was that day.
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Strawberry bed as was...

I spent seven hours at the lottie on Saturday and another three today. The main big job I did was dig out the old strawb bed - full of couch grass. I potted up some trawberries in the hope of having some fruit this year and have some more soaking ready to go in soon.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Potting on...

Turns out I've got labyrinthitis which explains the dizziness/falling over etc on Friday. Hence wasted a whole perfectly good lottie day yesterday and confined to settee most of today. However thought I'd better do something to check if it makes me fall over or not in case I'm called in tomorrow - so I did some pricking out/potting on/seed sowing. Didn't fall over so therefore am available for work tomorrow. Feel a bit wierd though.
I sowed Lady Di Runner Beans and Crown Prince squash to augment the potbound ones ready to go in asap. I pricked out Purple Sprouting and salad stuff and potted on some more Gardener's Delight toms into larger pots than usual. Also sowed Green & Purple Curly Kale. The green was a dwarf variety but I will probably forget that and spend a long time worrying about why it isn't as tall as the purple (if it gets that far).
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