Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Life...

The new fruit trees are beginning to burst into bud in the sunny weather - according to the instructions with these 'supercolumns' it isn't necessary to remove any fruit formed this first year, so we may be able to sample some new varieties later this year with a bit of luck...

...and the James Grieve that has been there a couple of years now is also laden with blossom.

Pics 23rd April

Actually this is from a few days earlier - the fruit bushes seem to be doing better this year...

...and the first Asparagus spears of the season will be picked real soon.

This is one of the purple variety Phil gave us last year - the new bed is springing into life and it will be very tempting to pluck one or two spears prematurely from the nurturing soil in order to assess their flavour. Ought to leave it 'til next year really tho'...

Once again the fruit bushes fetchingly backlit in the spring sunshine :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

12 4 2010 John, Alex, Potatoes

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10 4 2010

Sorted the brassica bed at last - still no harvest 4 us but Mum has had loads from the single sheltered plant in her garden!

Chard, garlic and spring onions seem to think it's safe to make a bit of progress now...

'Old' asparagus bed a bit tidier and spears just appearing if you look really carefully...

Tree Planting 9 4 2010

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Action! 9th April '10

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Kale 14.3 2010

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Plot pics 14th March 2010

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Plot pics end Feb 2

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Plot pics end Feb 1

(This post added 19.4.2010)
The hedge has made a very good recovery over the course of last year :-)

There is a lot of sorting out to do but at least the structure is in place with the beds I made last year.

The Purple sprouting has really been knocked back by our first "proper" Winter in a good long lobelia at Christmas this year!!!

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