Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chicken Stock - well worth it!

I made some chicken stock a few days ago as the basis for a leek and potato soup. It made all the difference and made good use of our last two decent sized leeks.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Has Beans?

Much as I like the delicate tracery of dessicated herbiage here it will have to go soon.

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Autumn" Tidy-up (1)

I've finally got going on what I fondly consider to be my "Autumn" tidy-up! Actually as long as it gets done sometime I don't really think it matters. (Call me a rebel...) First I cut back the Autumn fruiting raspberries....

"Autumn" Tidy-up (2)

....then I cut back the Artichoke haulm....

"Autumn" Tidy-up (3)

....then I cut back the blackberry. (Haven't removed it yet though.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bedmaking Update

I finally made a start on the next new bed today (there should be four in a row when I've finished).

Getting there...

And here is the (nearly) finished article.

Work Starts at Last (Hooray!!!)

I picked the second crop of purple sprouting for the year. It's good to be harvesting something & it's really tasty. We had it with cheese, pasta, butter & salt & pepper. This and the next three posts, by the way are repostings from yesterday as the pictures disappeared. Does anyone else hate the new blogger as much as I do?

Garlic Update

The garlic is flourishing. However, something has eaten nearly all my broad beans. Doh. Still, they're not really one of my "essentials" so it's not a disaster. Big Dave down the Allotment said broad beans encourage pea and bean weevils which go for his peas so he doesn't bother with it. Anyone care to let me know what their list of "essential" crops would include?

Haulm Thoughts

The artichoke haulm however still needs sorting out. There comes a time each year when the stems become so brittle they can be held and kicked off. This is by far the best way to clear them quickly.

Blackcurrant Update

I spent an hour or so at the allotment this afternoon and actually got a couple of theings done! I cut back the old blackcurrant which I am going to treat as a bienniel fruiter with the one I got from Ivan last year (as recommended by Geoff Hamilton) .

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lottie Update (Pics taken 20th Feb)

As you can see from this view, I still haven't cut back the Asparagus. The chives are sprouting happily, though!

There is a lot of cutting back to do here as well. The bush in the centre is a blackcurrent, and I am planning to cut it right back this year and use it as a biennial. I have the transplanted bush from Ivan's which I hope will fruit this year ready for cutting down next and so on. I got this idea from Geoff Hamilton. He says it produces very large yields.

The garlic is still looking healthy under the chicken wire.

I think I should cut back all this foliage from the strawberries asap. Is this a good idea or not??? Advice gratefully welcomed.
There was a wonderful sunset at Fairhaven again yesterday. As for the allotment, what with one thing or another I haven't been down for quite a while - but that will be changing very soon. I am pining for the sense of satisfaction which only comes from a hard day 'sorting out'. I will work on whatever grabs me when I get down there rather than having a plan (although I know what I 'should' be doing!). Here's to Spring and the hope of a spell of dry weather:)
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