Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael's Summer Collection 1

What better use for the beans than as part of a super salad? I drizzled this with a little balsamic vinegar - perfect! (I know this sounds just a touch pretentious. Maybe I should do the recipes in the style of a celebrity chef to guard against apparent complacency. Who's this......

"Take 11 medium broad beans, 7 lettuce leaves, 3oz of Feta cheese cut into 2 cm cubes, 8 olives - 5 black and 3 green - one third of a yellow capsicum cut up into 16 2 centimetre squares {don't worry if some of them are slightly irregular, you can give them to the film crew afterwards}, 5 cherry tomatoes {halved} and 3 fl oz balsamic vinegar {I always use the bestI can afford as the BBC pays for it}.
Line the base of the bowl very neatly with the lettuce leaves making sure not to give the impression that you are at all slovenly....."Posted by Hello


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