Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tomato Seeds

Sorry no photo but I just wanted to record that the tomato seeds I sowed around a week or so ago have germinated. They were outside in the MGH for a couple of days before I read they needed I higher temp. and brought them into the bedroom. The average temp. has been 60 or so . I wonder if they'll be OK straight into the MGH again tomorrow?

I helped Tim with groundcover under flagstones today, and making a potato bed. He had some groundcover over dandelions which were completely stunted and blanched. They tasted like bean sprouts and have real possibilities!

Tim and I also unscrewed my GH from its base and booted it forward a few mm so the front lip hung over the edge and the door now fits!!! Just a few panes of glass and we'll be there.

Tim has lorryloads of mulch delivered free by a tree surgeon so that is more good news.

We're going to a wood merchants tomorrow morning which Tim claims is cheaper by far than B&Q.

I must start pricking out soon.


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