Thursday, April 02, 2009

Recent Progress!

I came down for an afternoon last week and did some digging/weeding etc I am hoping to get some new beds on this area soon....

I actually planted out some shallots (Picasso) this afternoon under Phil's watchful eye. This soil has had no preparation other than digging a crop out of the bed last autumn,raking it and then covering it in carpet for the winter. I did also tickle it with the hand fork a little to loosen the surface in order to facilitate the aforementioned planting .

I cut the Loganberry (bottom left) and the Autumn fruiting Raspberries down last week as well.

I have kicked the Artichoke haulm into submission as usual and am preparing to cart it away in the near future. I am sorry to have to say that someone has dumped three sheets of corrugated asbestos in my trailer so I am loathe to use it at the moment...should I wait for it to rain before I move it etc etc I do consider this both a diabolical liberty and well out of order. 
If I knew who had done it I would jolly well ask them politely to move it so they had better watch out.....
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