Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Committee have agreed....

Where better to start than with the sorry saga of Ivan's magnificent greenhouse which has slowly been battered to pieces on my plot since I purchased it from him in a lather of optimism and excitement a year or so ago? Suffice it to say it is now back with Ivan where it belongs. I do take issue with some of the content of the letter and the minutes from the meeting which were posted on the public notice board by the lottie gate. However - I resolved to try and see it as a kick in the right direction rather than brooding on the injustice of it all.

This is my first letter in 13 years as an allotment holder so I publish it with pride!
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Blogger Peggy said...

Crikey! I have heard about the allotment police, but I suppose with the waiting lists for plots they keep an eagle eye on them.If your plot has been untouched for months I don't envy you getting it back in shape.
Glad you are back,

Thursday, 15 January, 2009  
Blogger Matron said...

If you didn't comply with the letter, would they send the allotment bailiffs in to evict you? Did you get it all cleared up? exciting stuff!

Friday, 16 January, 2009  
Anonymous vastsarah said...

im in Devon you should see some off their plots.ever mind,Enjoying your blog again this year thankyou

Monday, 02 March, 2009  

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