Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Orange Squash - not!!!

The first proper squashes since the autumn of '06 are languishing in their rightful place on the front room window sill. We find they keep well here and they are a traditional feature of our Mothers' day celebrations in May!

There are others behind the curtains and stored in the kitchen...and we have eaten quite a few of the smaller ones already:-) The larger ones you can esee here are I thinK around 7lbs in weight. They have very dense tasty flesh - not watery at all.


Blogger Lottie said...

I have lots myself - but is the cold lean-too on the back of the garage - wish I had nice deep window sills like yours

It was a good year for pumpkins and squash wasn't it. I have lots in the freezer which I roasted and added tomatoes and various other veggies to - they make a great quick soup or a base for all sorts of meals.

Thursday, 21 January, 2010  

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