Sunday, November 01, 2009

October 31st pics

The Cherry tree I planted earlier in the year and from which we had one delicious pudding is waxing autumnal....

...and the new compost bin is replete with it's load of sweetcorn (at the bottom smashed with the back of an axe first like they tell you in books) and squash plants. I cobbled this together in a hurry lastweek and am very proud of it.

Behind it in Paul's lottie lurks the magnificent apple tree from which I created the pie below a few days ago. Paul is of the opinion it is apple "Charles Ross" but having read up on it I am sure that can't be right as that one is best up 'til Christmas whilst Paul says this one is best late on 'til May. I must find out from somewhere what it is wonderful.

Here is the pie... It was made with one of the afore-mentioned apples & 4 "Lord Derby" also from Paul. The apple on the right made a pie on it's own a day or two ago.


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