Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hybrid Squash Update

The little squash plants from our 'hybrid' are growing well. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

Lovely allotment - and gorgeous images. And a great way to keep an allotment diary - my diary is all on paper with scribbles and completed very sporadically!

Your pictures brought to mind a couple of things I've learned that might be useful:

My allotment is tiny and very urban (it's in Hackney) and I have to really squeeze crops in to get much out! Your little squash picture is after a picture of your neatly mulched sweetcorn in a separate bed, so I thought I'd share a space saving ruse with these two things - I've grown mine in the same bed this year and it's worked really well. The corn is tall enough still to be wind-polonated and thrive up above, and the squash leaves shade out weed growth beneath. You just need to do a tiny bit of weeding before the squashes get big enough.

With squashes - when I plant them out I use a water cooler bottle with it's bottom cut off then put over the top of them as a temporary cloche to give them a bit of protection until they get established. They don't look pretty - but they are effective.

Looking forward to keeping track of your enviable progress!


Thursday, 15 September, 2005  

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