Friday, August 19, 2011

Squash update...

The various squashes seem to be putting on good growth in the wet weather we have had lately - I have been cutting back the vines a little more efficiently this year to try and concentrate growth into the earlier fruit.

The courgettes are still lovely and fresh.

Because of the new fruit trees and bushes I have dotted my Winter squash around the place a bit this year but they don't seem to mind.

This bed has 9 plants in it - a Romano courgette at each end with a yellow 'patty-pan' Summer squash in the middle as you can see here and the same on the other side. There are three winter squashes (all 'Crown Prince' if I remember correctly) in the middle as they don't need easy access for picking. Actually though they have even easier access as the vines far outgrow the confines of the bed and the squashes lie on the paths between the beds. Experience has shown that Summer squash in the middle of the bed are almost impossible to pick. Also the extra bulk of the bush-type foliage makes the bed even more prone to mildew than it already is.


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