Friday, August 19, 2011

Fruit again...etc

The raspberries are still going strong and should be for months yet. One problem at this time of year is that the tops can go a bit slimy if not picked in time - if that happens they can be snapped off as there is still time for new growth to fruit before the frosts stop them in their tracks.

The yellow raspberries in the background are 'Allgold', a sport of the red 'Autumn Bliss'. I have one row of each.

This shows the healthy new growth on the acid cherry I pruned last Summer after picking.

Here are the salad rows - maybe the Mizuna and Pak Choi need a little more room than this as they can take up a surprising amount of space when they really get going.

And these are the pea Blaushokker??? ready to go...


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