Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Asparagus Bed!!!

Apart from the odd quick visit to water  or what-not I have been confining my visitss (or at least working time) at the allotment to after 8pm when it is a lot cooler. A couple of days ago I planted out the runner beans and broad beans and then yesterday Isurprised myself by sorting the new asparagus bed. It was an urgent job as Phil had had the crowns in storage for several weeks owing to not having enough space to get them in. I heeled them in a few days ago and they looked in pretty good shape when I dug them up...fingers crossed...
I put three rows in a bed which might be a bit thick on the ground but Jane (Penguin) states the tradition of three rows to a 5ft raised bed so I'm not that far off. The question now is 'will they do well?' and I am on tenderhooks already to see some shoots appearing.... This is what allotment life is all about, the exitement and anticipation in watching things grow...and trying to work out what to do about it if they don't...
More pics will follow from my phone later as the camera ran out of battery after this shot.


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