Tuesday, June 02, 2009

End of May Roundup...

Here is the 'usual view' for May 31st 2009. The Tibetan bunting has attracted a lot of favourable comment and several witty remarks!

I got the Lady Di runners inon the 31st as well. The rootswere tough and fibrous and definately showing signs of having been in their pots too long. I trust that they will recover in time, though. Might sow some more this week in case - I can always put them in somewhere else for a fresh crop later in the season.

Have made a little shelter from an old tarpaulin for when it is very hot. Ray would be proud of me... Have used it for shading the potted plants from the sun - pic later.

The hedge is recovering well in parts but thwere are some worryingly large gaps. It is also full of perrenial and annual weeds which are no longer kept down by the hedge itself. I have cut it to help it thicken up from low down and to try and ensure P. has no reason/excuse to do it again...


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