Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What I did today...

I have dug a bit more of the space where the lovely fruit bushes used to be. The tentative plan at the moment is to dig this and the adjoining disused bed and make an area for a few new fruit bushes which can be caged over. Watch this space - but not too closely as I don't think it will be happening just yet...

This is the area I mean - disgraceful isn't it?

And here it is after a lot of lugging about of bricks and bits of wood and peeling back of ground cover! The soil at this end of the lottie is rather clayey - and there is a lot of convovulus and couch grass in this area.

I had a bit of a go at the greenhouse this afternoon - and actually got some of the bits back together again! I need to cobble together a bracket or two to extend the far horozontal where it has snapped off at the ends but it does look like it might be do-able...someday... Idefinitely need to lok out for some very substantial bits of wood for the base.
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