Monday, April 07, 2008

More progress...(!)

I got down this afternoon and did some diggage in the pale afternoon sunshine. It felt good, especially as I have been going to the gym on the cheap lately courtesy of the NHS. I really felt the difference. The idea really was to lose some weight but although I seem to have put on a couple of pounds I am really feeling the benefit of the excercise.

The compost is in the wheelbarrow and ready for the start of potting up etc. I thought I would pot up some strawberries while digging them out of their beds. Also will be sowing beans etc very soon. I use Lady Di runner beans as they are absolutely brilliant. I have tried others over the years but have always regretted it. For the french beans I will probably return to another old favourite which I haven't sown for a few years - Rob Roy from Robinson's the Mammoth Onion people.

This bed is in pretty good shape so I'll dig it over ready to actually get something in!!

And here it is dug! I'll rake it over tomorrow if the weather permits...
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Blogger Matron said...

So satisfying digging over a bed, then standing back to see the end result. Good exercise too!

Tuesday, 08 April, 2008  
Blogger Mike said...

Very true! I had forgotten due to all my raised beds. I enjoyed having a bit of a larger area to have a go atnow a couple of them have disintegrated!

Tuesday, 08 April, 2008  

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