Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello Blackbird

This little fellow is lucky I was around to protect it from the attentions of two cats and a dog. Two parents were chirping anxiously to very little purpose. I released it into the rose on the shed roof and it scampered to safety.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. Great Pic!! its really good quality. I think this blogg is great and all the photos are beutifull. how r u? hows everything up their? speak soon! luv andrew L

Sunday, 06 May, 2007  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi Andrew:) Thanks for your comment. Glad you like the blog. There seems to be quite a lot to blog about at the moment! I am fine thanks & looking forward to seeing Rose tomorrow.
All the best, Mike

Sunday, 06 May, 2007  
Anonymous Big Mama said...

Hi Andrew - it's one of the baby blackbirds from the nest under the rose & clematis. The blackbirds and the sparrows decided that yesterday was the day to fledge - it was very noisy in the back garden, all day...Cora thinks it's great.

Sunday, 06 May, 2007  
Anonymous Birdy McBurro said...

Another cracking photo Mike :)

He/She doesn't half look grumpy, but then Blackbirds always look highly annoyed. It's the curve of the beak and the set of the eye.

Thursday, 10 May, 2007  
Anonymous Leonie said...

awwww, lucky blackbird! they really do have a hard time when they first leave the nest and learn to fly.

Sunday, 13 May, 2007  
Blogger Mike said...

When you see them at it you sometimes wonder how any survive at all!

HB Have you read 'Crow' by Ted Hughes? Not Blackbird but in tune with your general point:)

Sunday, 13 May, 2007  

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