Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One more job to be thinking about in the not too distant future. I cleared the squashes out of the greenhouse today due to the hard frost forecast for the next few days, and picked those few left on the plants. It is now bitterly cold everywhere. I am thankful in a way I wasn't called in today so I could clean the pond (in the back garden) and fill it up with water in an attempt to protect the roots from the cold. The goldfish too has been returned and will have to take it's chances along with the frogs who were so concerned about their temporary eviction this morning. At one point Cora was actually in the empty pond after those which had been unwise enough to make their way back in before the operation was complete! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Pam said...


Thursday, 17 November, 2005  
Anonymous Head Burro said...

Opff - sorry to see your greenhouse door like that. Mum and Dad's ended up with a Bonfire Night rocket through the roof, one of those huge beasts that could double as bazooka shells. When I get my greenhouse I think I'll strap a tarp over the top to deflect any incoming :-)

Friday, 18 November, 2005  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for your comment - this is my first year with a greenhouse and they do seem rather fragile. Maybe a wooden cladding would help!

Friday, 18 November, 2005  
Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Wonderful photos Mike and such a super allotment.

I dream of having a greenhouse - but it will remain just a dream, so it is lovely to enjoy yours.

Any recipes you can post on your site or pass on will be wonderful. I love to experiment, I got good feed back (no pun intended) from my recipes on my site and posted on another.

Looking forward to the runner beans one and maybe a bread one?

Do let me know when it appears in case I miss it. I do check out your site at least once a day though

Friday, 18 November, 2005  

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