Sunday, May 08, 2005


Sorry no picture.This week I've been busy so it's mainly been popping in and watering in the greenhouse. There seem to be some little potatoes in my pot.

I have been sowing seeds today - courgette, squash and sweetcorn. I pre-soaked the sweetcorn and 12 of the 18 courgettes to try and aid germinaton. I left six to try and see if it made any difference. They are all currently up in the study with the heater on a thermostat to help get them going. It said 6-8 days at 70-75 degrees on one of the packets.

I really need to get down and weed if I'm not called in tomorrow.


Anonymous Big Momma said...

I'm appalled at the lack of a photo today. This site is meaningless without pictures! Still, I suppose you've been quite busy...Just don'tlet it happen again please.

Monday, 09 May, 2005  

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