Sunday, May 01, 2005


Phil came to have a look this afternoon. He has been planting Garlic in containers (at his house) and planning a 40th birthday celebration. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Phil said...

I feel very honoured to appear on Mike's latest instalment of his allotment diary!Being in the (mainly) planning phase of producing a few organic fruit & veg, I am appreciative of all the hard work it takes to get up and running. Being able to wander around my garden grazing at leisure on fresh strawberries, tomatoes etc will be a rare treat I will look forward to immensely although I'm beginning to realise a great deal of hard work lies between now and that scenario!

All the best to one ane all,


Sunday, 01 May, 2005  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for your comments - good luck with the ongoing grazing-enablement project,

Cheers, Mike

Monday, 02 May, 2005  
Anonymous Big Momma said...

Thank the Lord you 2 aren't into trainspotting! Phil - Mike's got a spare 20-pocket jacket and some very attractive open-toed sandals (come free with socks) if you need any authentic gardening gear to go with your new raised bed...

Monday, 09 May, 2005  

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