Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pics from today (iii)

The cosmos really are a picture.

I have started trimming the winter squashes to keep them in check - usually after I have trodden on the tendrils absent-mindedly beforehand.

Today saw the first maincrop potatoes dug. Might as well use them as we go along as well as saving some to store later.


Blogger mebennet said...

Hiya, I have been reading your site with interest for some months. It's rather inspiring.

I noticed you are protecting your squashes. Why is this? Will they rot otherwise? I'm a beginner and I have some pumpkins in my lottie which are swelling nicely but they arent protected. They are simply touching the ground. Should I be putting something underneath?

Monday, 03 August, 2009  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi- thanks for your comment - I protect the squashes from slugs mainly and the possibility of damage on rough/hard surfaces.
A bit of wood underneath is fine. Good luck with it!

Monday, 03 August, 2009  
Blogger Peggy said...

Hi Mike, shame about the squash breaking off, hopefully you have lots more to replace it with.Blight landed on our plots last weekend and stalks of our main crop of Golden Wonders are black. I had not thought of digging out any of them as yet but after reading your post I am going to try some to see how big they are (and edible). I thought it was too late to put in carrots but I will try some now.

Thursday, 06 August, 2009  
Blogger Mike said...

hi Peggy - I hate it when blight strikes out of the blue - let me know if you are able to salvage any tubers. I believe the idea is to cut off the haulm a few days before lifting the tubers so the spores are less likely to contaminate them when lifted. Can't remember where I read this though.

I have never sown carrots at this time before but quite a few of the books recommend sowing in July so I thought I'd give it a go. Might be cutting it a bit fine but it is all part of the learning process.

Saturday, 08 August, 2009  

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