Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bicycles & Tayberries...

I cycled to the lottie for the first time this evening - thanks Kevin:-) Eleven minutes there and a couple of minutes longer coming home along the front. No different to the car really and I don't think I had to stop once.

I picked the first batch of tTayberries today and made compote out of them (ie heated them up with some sugar). They have really benefited from a post and some protection from the birds. I haven't been very kind to them over the years - I have tried to dig them out at least once but I feel we are getting on a lot better these days...

Sorry Lisa the Chard seems to be doing quite well! Also congratulations on passing your driving test today - first time and only eleven minors!!! :-)

The remaining sunflower and the beans seem to like the rain and roasting temps we have been having lately.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The taeberries look great - a pity to cook them.
Glad to know you can still ride a bike. He repaired it for you quickly. Well done. Pam

Thursday, 02 July, 2009  

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