Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today I netted the Tayberry for the first time ever! What with that and theitr new post they will be wondering what on earth is going on... I find they ripen in dribs & drabs and if I wait for more to catch up with the first few before picking the original ones spoil. I think I might pick them as soon as ready for the freezer to get a useable quantity.

The raspberries are looking a lot healthier since I took some of the ground cover up last year (I think it was). They have been able to spread into the spaces as they are no longer confined to their little holes. I just break the convolvulus off at the bottom every now and again and watch it wither. Not a pleasant job as the raspberry stems are so prickly... Sometimes I even amaze myself with my courage.

The potatoes are doing great. I met a new (to me) guy down the lottie this evening. Paul was watering Jimmy's plot and kindly showed me round his own. To say I was impressed is an understatement. He did say though, that on no account were tomatoses to be grown with potatoses, so I will be moving mine soon:-(
(The 'tomatoses' was the first typo and I liked it so rather than correct it I changed the potatoes to match. Too twee I know but hey..whatever...)

The goosegogs are beginning to ripen under their protective mesh...are you watching Dave Mac?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog.

I note that you have used the word goosegogs to describe gooseberries, do you have any idea where the affectectionate term comes from?

Saturday, 04 July, 2009  

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