Sunday, June 17, 2007

Super Sally!

Today I had a very welcome helping hand down at the allotment from my second cousin once removed (we think) Sally. She was very keen on the gooseberries, although they were rather too sharp for me.

Sally turned out to be a very keen picker, and as well as the strawberries she picked the first Loganberries of the year. Keen, efficient and cheerful - an asset on any allotment and very highly recommended as a house guest. After lunch she turned to me and asked "Are we allotmenting - I don't mind getting a bit of dirt under my nails!" I rest my case.

Meanwhile I harvested the overwintered garlic and laid it out in the greenhouse to dry. Before we left we dug a few of the first early potatoes Red Duke of York. All in all time very well spent. There was a Painted Lady on the Comfrey for a little while. Sally says that down Lincoln way it is all Red Admirals and Peacocks at the moment but we haven't seen either yet this year.
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