Thursday, April 19, 2007

Greenhouse Update

I am still missing a couple of panes of glass as my cutting to shape 'wasted' a few yesterday. I cut bits of tin can to make longer supports for where the glass overlaps by more than it should and cleverly cut my thumb on reaching into my pocket. I was going to call on David on the Moss for a few panes but I bumped into him in the nursery next door to his place and he said "Give me a ring in about a week."! I didn't like to say it was an emergency but I will have to get some before then. Surely I won't be reduced to paying for new glass!

As the g'house was nearly sorted I started moving pots etc back from the shed & gave the shed the beginnings of a good tidy as well. And I raked the old foliage from the strawberry bed and had a bit of a go at the dandelions with the shears.
What a shame that I didn't get down at all today. But I did sow Corgettes, Climbing French & Runner Beans, 4 varieties of tomatoes ind some lobelia into pots ot modules in the shed at home.
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