Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ready to Go...

...and here they all are in position ready to be trowelled in. (Thanks as always to Uncle Peter who showed me how much time could be saved by putting everything in position first.) Once they were in a I scattered a few handfuls of pelleted chicken manure over the soil. I am intending to cover the bed in manure from the communal heap tomorrow and then cover it with groundcover to supress weeds. I will cut holes for the haulm when it pushes against the material. This used to be the coping stone bed and was full of horsetail and convolvulus but the groundcover seemed to keep it at bay last year when I grew pumpkins and squashes in the new bed. Of course I dug out as much root as possible as I made the bed but it is impossible to get it all - especially the horsetail.


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