Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I wasn't called in on Monday after a full week last week so snaffled some carpet from next door to my parents where all sorts of good things are appearing in the front garden as it is being cleared for decoration/renovation.  Posted by Picasa


Blogger KT121 said...

Hi Mike.Nice to have you back.
I've been scavenging as my landlord's been clearing out the some good stuff for the allotment:)

Wednesday, 01 February, 2006  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi KT - good to hear from you! It is amazing what people throw away isn't it?

Thursday, 02 February, 2006  
Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Hasn't anyone thrown away a door yet Mike? Or is your shed meant to be open plan?


Friday, 03 February, 2006  
Blogger Mike said...

As it happens this shed is a very awkward shape. I will probably get rid of it if it turns out that the roof is asbestos (as I suspect). Otherwise I think it would be much more useful as a sort of shelter with the other side where the window is removed as well so I can just shove stuff into it to keep dry.
All the best, Mike

Saturday, 04 February, 2006  

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