Thursday, May 12, 2005

Brassica Butterfly Protection

This is what I spent most time on today. It's to protect the brassicas against butterflies. My cunning plan of tying the corners up with string doesn't look too promising in practise. I think I'll make it a bit more sturdy by screwing it to 2 by 2's in the corners. Then to think about the top.....

The big news today though is that the seeds I sowed earlier in the week (I think it was Monday are germinating already! I put them in the study with the electric heater on thermostat and Bob's your uncle. When I think of how I've waited weeks for squash to germinate in an unheated propagator outside...

The squash and sweetcorn I put in the bathroom cupboard to pre-germinate are also germinating so I'll probably pot those up and get them straight into the GH.

Must get some beans, crown prince etc. sown soon.
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Anonymous pam said...

things have moved at a tremendous rate while we have been away. I shall be down to inspect personally as soon as I have a moment.

Friday, 13 May, 2005  

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