Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Blustery Weather Upsets Broad Beans

When I got here this afternoon it was very blustery and the windbreak had come loose and bashed some of the Garlic. (Oh the irony). The staples had been wrenched from the posts so I tied it up with a small piece of string. Hope it does the trick. The beans were flopping all over the place so I stuck in a few extra canes at various angles to give them some support. If I don't taste Broad beans this year ther'll be big trouble....
The garlic looks like it will be ok. Tim was very impressed with the size of the overwintered garlic. I really wish I'd got more than one bulb from Robinson's (see links). I begrudged a couple of quid for an extra bulb and now look at me!Posted by Hello


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