Monday, June 11, 2007

Tomato Update

I got the Tigerella tomatoes in this evening. I left them in position ready yesterday and blow me if they hadn't fallen over and developed enormous cricks in their necks what wiv' bein' phototropic n'all. Still. I used this brilliant velcro stuff that is supposed to be used as a tree tie. I cut it into strips last year and it is by far the easiest thing to use for tying in. Got very muddy doing this and had to wear plastic bags on my feet when I went to see Mum later. Luckily she's used to me... Now i just have to find space for another 40 or so tomato plants. I have had some ideas this evening, though. It rained hard for a short while in Lytham this evening so the ground might be a little more yeilding than recently.
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