Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Where Have I Been Today?

Where do you think I have been today? (There's a clue in the picture.) I got the wood for repairing the next bed, and a couple of peices to help me design a "lid" for the seedbed frame. I am intending to build it up quite high as it's near the hedge and is part-shaded on occasions. I really think that would be a good place for the new strawberry bed, which would also free up the larger bed they're in at the moment. If I plant new ones out soon I could get rid of the others once they've finished fruiting. (If they do - they're just runners I put in on the spur of the moment while weeding last year.)

I have just about resolved to grow at least some potatoes under plastic this year to see how they get on. I may use one of the end beds with a bit of bindweed in to try and cause it a few more problems. Posted by Hello


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