Saturday, February 26, 2005

Onion Sets

Today I got a bag and a half of Red Baron onion sets in and covered them with fleece. There are a couple of rows of Garlic at this end of the bed, again sown today. I filled in the end of the bed with the overwintering onions in it with a bit more garlic today as well. The overwintering Garlic was a white variety from Robinsons, but today's pink from near Stannah.

I plan to plant some more onions in a week or so to see what difference if any it makes. I also have some shallots to get in soon. I will groundcover the far end of this bed and grow something through it as it has convolvulus in it at the far end that I can never quite get rid of. It comes from under the grouncover over the rasberries.

I had quite a job getting out the tubers of the Chinese Artichokes when I was cultivating this bed. Considering we never had a decent crop from them there seem to be a surprising number left in the soil! Posted by Hello


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