Monday, January 31, 2005

January 2005 Reflections

Altogether this month has been positive in as much as I've been doing a lot of 'planning' even though there might not yet be a lot to show for it on site.

Looking at my notebook list of things to do this month it now looks hopelessly optimistic (and it didn't even include starting a blog!).

I haven't sorted out paths or begun to mend the beds yet. I have cleared the Artichokes, and I have pampered the broad beans a bit. I realise I haven't even mentioned the onions & garlic which seem to be overwintering OK in readiness for a growth spurt in the spring.

I was disappointed not to have managed to repair the raised bed as planned yesterday, but relieved that I have made the decision to use heavy duty replacements for the mill board. They're 2" wide for sturdiness and to lean on etc more easily. Also tanelised. Should last for ages. B&Q do them in a range of widths and lengths. I'm using 9'11" long by 6" wide for the bed pictured on Saturday. They also do nearly 16' x 8.75" which could come in handy for some of the larger beds on the slope. B&Q's big woodsaw has broken down again so I won't get any really big bits until they can cut them up for me. They might as well be selling raised bed kits really.

I still have to decide what to do about the weeds on the central path. They should be easier to keep on top of if I'm getting down more often this year as intend to but I wonder about putting carpet on top. I really thought I'd had enough of dragging wet carpet around the plot but it is one possibility.

My main new year's resolution is to keep sowing and planting stuff, and to plan more about what to do when. The Gardener's Almanac site should help with this, but I am also going to look at Geoff hamilton, Laurence D. Hills and Jane

I must not forget about sorting netting on brassicas and fruit in


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