Sunday, January 16, 2005

An Internet allotment discovery

I've seen a great site which has already sorted out my brassica netting problem. Have a look at it here:

What a wonderful project! The diary pages linked to from lower down the homepage are particularly interesting and full of good ideas. The whole site is very well illustrated with photographs and clear explanation/discussion.

Intrigued by the aforementioned "brassica netting problem"? This is it: I've never really bothered with netting brassicas. The plan is to pick the caterpillars off by hand on a regular basis. What generally happens is that the plants are gnawed to the bone each Autumn and only regrow once the caterpillars have disappeared. This year I have resolved to do something about this sorry state of affairs. I had a bit of trouble getting netting over the Purple Sprouting and January King in the Autumn, but the system used by the Saunders looks simple and effective.


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